Let the light shine in at Grill 23

Grill 23, celebrating 30 years of excellence this year, unveils its beautifully renovated bar with light streaming in from the window, previously blacked out.
“It’s not good enough to be good anymore,” says Vice President of Business Development for Himmel Hospitality Group, Chris Himmel.
The renovations and changes include a new, first actual bar menu with its own blended burger, made with Brandt beef. as well as mussels, pork belly and more. It’s a new era and Grill 23 is on top of changing times, catering to customers’ desire to eat at the bar, relax and enjoy excellent food with their well-crafted cocktails, wines or beers. Look for more Scotches at the bar, Himmel notes.
The changes, executed by designer Peter Niemitz, include new audio visual equipment and is estimated to have cost around $1 million.
When it opened, Grill 23 paved the way for an explosion over the next two decades, of steakhouses in the city. Today it continues to be honored as one of the nation’s top restaurants.

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