The Spirit(s) World – Plymouth Gin

Yes, the Plymouth refers to our own Plymouth when we were a British colony, and also to the British town from which the ship sailed. All these years later, the Mayflower is on the label of the bottle, reminding us of our close ties to Britain to this very day.
Plymouth Gin‘s Brand Ambassador Nick Van Tiel and colleagues were in Boston this past week, talking about the gin at a lunch at No. 9 Park where the gin was complemented by delicious courses.
Three small martinis recreated the leisurely and decadent three martini lunch era of the 50s and 60s when business was discussed while sipping and dining as opposed to texts or video conferences.
The first martini was The Marguerite, the very first dry martini ever, made with the gin which is still distilled in copper stills and made with soft Dartmoor water and seven botanicals, just as it’s been since 1793.
This is a very special gin – we suspect it’s those botanicals – and works in a variety of cocktails but may be happily sipped all by itself straight up or on the rocks. Enjoy its smooth dryness, bites of juniper and lemon,creamy elegance and long finish.

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