The Spirit(s) World – DELEÓN® Platinum Tequila

This beautiful tequila is 100% Highland Blue Weber Agave from the rich soil of the Los Altos region of Mexico and is slow roasted and slow fermented, yielding a special, ultra premium beverage. The master distiller cuts the beginning and the end of each distillation to allow only the best portion, the Corazon, to find its way into each bottle for exceptional smoothness. The smoothness and richness is clear at the very first sip. This is not your everyday tequila, at approximately a suggested retail price of $60, and that is quickly evident. The agave’s natural sweetness is enhanced with depth and complexity. The tequila undergoes two distillations allowing it to retain the unique character developed in the fermentation process. It is aged in both American white oak barrels and French wine casks to develop a distinctive character. You’ll detect citrus, spice and vanilla and hints of coconut and lime. The smoothness is exceptional. Visit

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