Joey Allaham continues innovating in the Kosher kitchen

NEW YORK – The closing of the only Kosher restaurant in Paris, Rafael, will bring its award-winning chef, Edward Boarland, to Manhattan late this month, when he will cook at Joey Allaham’s Prime KO.

According to Allaham, Chef Boarland brings with him a Parisian influenced menu, “transporting diners to culinary dimensions that are unprecedented in the New York restaurant scene.  Our upstairs dining room will have limited seating for prix fixe dinners prepared by Chef Boarland, who is also joining the Prime team for Passover at the Fairmont Santa Monica.”

Here in Manhattan, Prime KO will be reinvented as Prime West, a “fresh culinary experience featuring new takes on our often copied, yet never duplicated Prime Grill concept,” Allaham explains. With the new menu, an innovative, updated sushi list and many new cuts of meat, Prime West will offer an elegant, original twist on the signature Kosher dining that has made Prime Grill well known, with menus for both of the new culinary ventures to be posted on the restaurant’s late this week.

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