The Spirit(s) World – Don Q Signature Release Single-Barrel Rum, 2005

From Ponce, Puerto Rice comes a new limited distribution (6,000 bottles) of the exclusive 2005 Signature Release Single Barrel Rum, 2005, from Destilleria Serrallés Inc., producers of Don Q Rum.

With deep, rich gold color, it is full-bodied and offers rich tannins from lengthy wood aging. It’s a departure, Don Q points out, from its previous blended rums with its “woodiness” combined with tannins and sweeter notes.

“We are committed to expanding our rum portfolio and elevating the rum category,” says Vice President of Business Development and sixth generation master distiller Roberto Serrallés. The launch, he adds, is the first in a planned series of single barrel aged rum releases. A 2007 Single-Barrel variant is planned next year.

The 2005 is bottled from a limited selection of elegant Puerto Rican rum laid down in ’05 and is 80 proof, 40% ABV. The initial bouquet of heavy oak is followed by leather and dried fruit reminiscent of aged molasses spirit. Tasting it, there are rich tannins with warmth reminiscent of bourbons, while still keeping the pure rum essence. Visit and follow the company on!/DonQ and @donqrum.




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