What’s Brewin’ – Cisco Brewers’ The Grey Lady

We discovered Cisco Brewers‘ The Grey Lady recently at Boston’s new Dig Inn in Copley Square, exclaiming: “Wow, there’s a lot going on in this beer!” after our first sip. And there is!
Named for the foggy island (Nantucket) where it’s brewed, The Grey Lady is nothing if not complex with notes of earthiness, malt, and tropical fruits. It’s brewed with fresh fruit and spices, accounting for layers of flavor.

The Witbier is four percent ABV and is fermented with Belgian yeast. It’s available in cans, bottles and on draft.

The brewery grew quickly from a small start-up venture in ’95 in the backyard of a winery, which began in ’81 and remains part of the company today. For awhile, Cisco was America’s only outdoor brewery, but within a year of it’s start in 1995, it built a new structure. Jay Harman joined the company in 1996 and single-handedly capped 60,000 bottles that year. Today, Cisco beers are available in 12 states. Check it out if you love beers with complexity that really satisfy.





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