Pier 6 holds 2nd yoga/brunch event

BOSTON – Pier 6 on the Charlestown, MA waterfront held its second yoga and brunch event this year, drawing over 100 people to exercise on the pier. A largely female, largely millennial contingent, the group moved in unison to instructions as they engaged in healthy exercise on a sunny day on a pier guided by Jess Ray from Equinox on Franklin St. downtown.

Her class, from 9 to 11 a.m. took students through various routines intended to help build strength and relax both mind and body, all done to recorded music. Customized mimosas with Champy, the new sparkling beverage from Sonoma introduced late last year by Emmy award-winning TV Dining Playbook’s Jenny Johnson and Mother Juice’s cold-pressed, organic juices accompanied fresh fruit, bacon, breads, and scrambled eggs. The event was $35 per person which included a one hour class, rental yoga mats from lululemon and the mimosa brunch.

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