The Spirit(s) World – Don Q Pina

PONCE, PUERTO RICO – Destilleria Serrallés Inc., producers of Don Q,, Puerto Rico’s number one rum, is releasing its fifth flavored expression – Don Q Pina

The newest spirit is delicately crafted with aged rums ranging from one to one-and-a-half years in American white oak barrels and infused with 100% natural pineapple juice to obtain a unique tropical expression that also carries the smoothness, versatility and character of Don Q rum.

Roberto Serrallés, sixth generation rum maker, Jaiker Soto, Master Blender, and Silvia Santiago, SVP of production at Destilería Serrallés, teamed up for the crafting of the new spirit that captures the fresh and bright flavors of Destilleria Serrallés’ native island fruit with Don Q’s aged rum.

Savor it in refreshing summer cocktails, the company says. The balanced, bright citrus notes and subtle pair well with coconut water for a modern, low-cal version of the famous Piña Colada, Puerto Rico’s national cocktail.

Don Q Piña is also a perfect match with natural juices for sophisticated cocktails evoking the festive taste of the tropics. No artificial flavors or colors are added to this dry, well-structured, rum, and most recent addition to Don Q’s family of naturally flavored rums, including Coco, Limón, Mojito and Pasión It blends rums aged from one to one and a half years and is 60 proof, 30% ABV.

Food pairing recommendations include rich, sweet and spicy flavors such as Polynesian, Thai or Chinese as well as Latino recipes.

“Don Q Piña is another example of how our team at Destilería Serrallés continues to innovate and expand our brand’s portfolio, while preserving the exceptional character that has been the hallmark of Don Q, Puerto Rico’s number-one rum” declares Roberto Serralles.



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