Wine of the Week – La Renjardiére Recolte 2015

This winery’s roots go back to the 1860’s in Burgundy and the Rhone Valley, with five generations making wines from their La Renjardiére vineyard north of Chateauneuf du Pape in an area known as La Renjarde and renamed La Renjardiére by Joanny Dupond who cleared the area and planted vines.

Today, the family makes beautifully structured Côte du Rhône from red fruit, largely Grenache, for an elegant, spicy wine. Adding complexity are 10 percent each Mourvédre and Cinsault along with 20 percent Syrah.

The result is a wine that is 13.5 percent alcohol content. The wine comes from vines that average 40 years of age in soils of sand, clay and limestone, with small Gallet stones that act as a natural temperature regulator. Ripe and elegant, the wine is very worthy of a place at the table! Visit





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