SHFM launches diversity program for associate members

LOUISVILLE, KY – The Society for Hospitality and Foodservice Management (SHFM) is launching a Diversity Business Enterprises Program for Associate Members.

Certified Women Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises and Disabled Business Enterprises will be eligible for a 35 percent discount on annual SHFM Associate membership fees.

The group launched a Diversity Council last year to cultivate an environment embracing diversity and inclusion at all levels within the market the Society members serve. The goal is to increase membership diversification, champion employment opportunities and highlight and encourage procurement opportunities for minority business in the foodservice industry.

SHFM President Victoria Vega of Unidine Corp. notes that the group is “committed to workplace diversity partnerships and is believed to be the first industry association to announce such a program to certified suppliers.”

The Diversity Council notes that, “fostered by a need for unity and connectedness,” it will be committed to breaking down barriers. “Our goal is to provide non-discriminatory access and inclusion that are vital to the enhancement and longevity of SHFM.”

From workforce diversity to vendor partnerships, the group will “align itself with pride to promote equal access and socially support the changing composition of our more diverse membership.” The program is available by calling SHFM headquarters at 502-574-9931. Those applying need to submit documentation of their company’s enterprise status.

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