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“Pig out” at event at Cambridge’s Pagu

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Tracy Chang’s critically acclaimed Pagu, a Japanese/Spanish tapas restaurant in Central Square marks its third anniversary August 15 from 6 to 10 p.m. The date is also Chef Chang’s 32nd birthday as well as her pug dog, Pearl’s second.

The Suckling Pig Roast will offer two styles of pig served by friends Priscilla Capistrano and Amanda Ryan who will cook two Philippine style along with Jonathan Cardona and Jose Jiminez who will prepare two more, Mexican style.

Guests will feast on both styles with sides and desserts (including the Filipino shaved ice sundae halo-halo). In addition, Chef Chang will serve two popular soft serve flavors — Matcha with Chocolate Nibs and Black Sesame Seed. Beverages will be a la carte  and will feature such specials as a $30 Rose Porron served in a traditional spanish glass Porron pitcher.

Tickets are $45 dollars apiece — pictures with Pearl the pug on the patio are free! 

Walk-ins are welcome but with only four pigs and finite seating indoors and on the patio, the event is expected to sell out quickly.  Tickets are $45 apiece. For reservations, go to








The Spirit(s) World – Corazon Tequila

Bravo to Corazón Tequila Blanco


CHICAGO – Congratulations to Corazón Tequila Blanco, named World’s Best Blanco today at the 2019 World Tequila Awards here. The Corazón family of tequilas also received  awards for Expresiones del Corazón Sazerac Rye Añejo – Gold, Expresiones del Corazón Old 22 Añejo – Silver, Extra Añejo – Gold, Reposado – Silver, and Añejo – Bronze.

Judging took place in three round – tasting the first round in respective categories, the second chose from “Best” award recipients in each category from the first, and the third repeated the second round to select World’s Best. The judges included a range from interenational journalists to industry experts.

Corazón Marketing Director Megan Hurtuk noted: “Our partners at Casa San Matias are true artisans. These awards are a testament to their craftsmanship and honor all of the hard working men and women of the distillery.”

The complete list of winners for the 2019 World Tequila Awards can be found at www.

To find more information about the Corazón family of tequilas, please visit and for the full list of the competition winners, go to http:/


4th grade students work to make change

WALLINGFORD, PA – A group of fourth grade students here recently showed that youngsters are capable of making a positive change for the environment after they sent essays to UNO CEO Jim Ilaria urging the restaurant chain to stop using plastic straws.

They pointed to the ways plastic straws thrown out in the ocean harm it and marine life. Impressed by their argument, he instituted the desired change with a new company policy – “by request only” – for the plastic straw option. He also organized a pizza party for the youngsters who contacted  him.

“I was impressed by the logic of their arguments and how they appealed to both my heart and my business mind,” Ilaria notes. “As an avid SCUBA diver who has seen the plastic debris in our ocean and as a former member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, I understand and appreciate the importance of source reduction, recycling and waste minimization. I am proud that I have the ability to make this change and I’m excited to recognize the significant actions of these young students.”

“My students have been energized to make a positive change in this world, especially after learning about the damage caused by single-use plastic straws,” notes the students’ teacher, Mrs. Knight. “It has been such a joy to teach this passionate group of fourth graders, and I am so very grateful to UNO and Mr. Ilaria for recognizing their efforts by changing to a “request only” straw policy AND by hosting a pizza party. It just doesn’t get better than that for a bunch of remarkable ten year olds!”


Anoush’ella opens 2nd restaurant in Lynnfield


Anoush’ella opens 2nd restaurant in Lynnfield

LYNNFIELD, MA –Boston-based Anoush’ella Kitchen owned by Nina and Raffi Festekijian recently opened a second restaurant here in MarketStreet, building upon the success of their initial venture in Boston’s South End.

The name is Armenian and means “May it be Sweet,” reflecting Chef Nina’s belief that food prepared lovingly can awake the palate, enrich the diner’s mind and satisfy the soul.

“The menu,” she declares, “is meant to capture the explosive flavors of Mediterranean street food from my childhood. It’s also the food we raised our now three grown sons on in Winchester  – healthy and delicious.”

Their initial venture which opened in Boston in 2017 won praise and was named “Best Fast Casual Restaurant” in The Improper Bostonian magazine and lauded by The Boston Globe food critic Devra First who described it as what would happen “if two city restaurants, Sofra and sweetgreen had a baby.”

Anoush’ella uses fresh local ingredients including organic and anti-biotic-free meats, and spices come from carefully chosen select providers around the world. Local wines and craft beers complement the cuisine.

Nina and her husband, Raffi, met in Beirut and have been married for two dozen years, using their individual talents, and shared culinary roots to create a unique dining experience.

The new Anoush’ella Kitchen is at 1205 Market St., where the menu is available for delivery from Grubhub, Postmates, Uber Eats and Door Dash. Visit and

New products

Pasture-raised Northeast beef products from Walden Meat

NORTH BILLERICA, MA – All of the meats at Walden Meat Products here are raised in New England or New York with no antibiotics, herbicides or pesticides. Check them out, place an order before June 15, and receive uncured Vermont maple bacon free as an introductory offer. Choose high quality meats with no commitment or contract and the ability to skip, change or cancel an order, share items or delivery dates anytime, the company points out. Join by June 15 (chose the “post card” option for how you heard of the company, and receive uncured Vermont bacon for free. Visit  or call 978-631-1135. They’ll deliver 100 percent grass fed and finished beef, pasture raised chicken, pork and lamb as well as wild-caught Atlantic fish directly to  your door.

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Ready to “dunk out”? National Donut Day is near…

 CANTON, MA – Coming soon – June 7th – is a “day for donuts” – National Donut Day 2019 and Dunkin’ Donuts is urging Americans to “dunk out” with a donut and some “me” time during the day.
The company will offer an invitation on Facebook to let fans know they can have a free classic donut that day with the purchase of any beverage. Enjoy the classic favorites including Boston Kreme, Glazed, Glazed Chocolate, Strawberry Frosted with Sprinkles and more, the chain urges customers.

US Chief Marketing Officer Tony Weisman notes that donuts are “part of the American story and hold a special place in our popular culture” and urges customers to drop by and “recharge and enjoy their favorite donut variety.”

The upcoming event led Dunkin’ to conduct a survey asking people what daypart they prefer for a donut break, who they’d pick to share it with, and whether they prefer to eat donuts whole or split them.

National Donut Day began in 1938 when the Chicago Salvation army honored women who serve donuts to soldiers in World War I. It’s traditionally celebrated on the first Friday of June.
For nearly 70 years, Dunkin’ Donuts has served signature donuts. Visit or visit the Dunkin’ blog at


Tork wins Best Marketing Strategy award

PHILADELPHIA – Tork, a hygiene brand from Essity, was awarded Best Marketing Strategy from Tissue World this Spring for its Take Back The Lunch Break program. The company’s research shows that while hour-long lunch breaks may be gone, their demise may be negatively impacting employee job satisfaction in U.S. workplaces. Research by the company, a manufacturer of hand towels, toilet paper, napkins and soap, shows that nearly 90 percent of employees view the ability to take a lunch break as critical when seeking new jobs, only 62 percent feel encouraged to take one. That discrepancy, a Gallup study of U.S. employee engagement showed that only a third of American employees are engaged in their jobs and that those taking such breaks daily score higher on a wide range of employee engagement metrics such as job satisfaction, likelihood of continuing to work for the company, and recommending their employer to others. Interestingly enough, 88 percent of North American employers say their employees are encouraged to take regular lunch breaks, showing a large disconnect between them and their workers as only 62 percent of them actually feel encouraged. Don Lewis, president of Professional Hygiene at the company, notes that Tork’s research show getting fresh air, exercise or merely going out to buy lunch can improve how employees feel about their work and their employer. Their hesitancy is attributed to fear of being judged by bosses and coworkers. A Tork survey shows their concerns may be justified, noting that: • 34 percent of bosses consider how often an employee takes a lunch break when evaluating their job performance. • 22 percent of bosses think that employees who take a regular lunch break are less hardworking. • 13 percent of North American workers think their coworkers would judge them negatively if they take a regular lunch break. This June, Tork introduces the third Friday of the month as National Take Bake The Lunch Break Day, seeking to encourage workers to step away from desks and be energized. Visit for the full survey findings.