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Baron de Rothschild offers new line of value wines

Légende, a new line of wines designed for everyday consumption and value from the legendary Baron des Rothschild, offers consumers what the winemaker calls “a little elegance every day.”

This group of wines was originally called “The Reserves,” created for family and friends’ everyday drinking. Today, the wines are described as “Légende, a little elegance every day.”

The Pauillac from Médoc comes from a terroir with “gravelly” hillsides on clay subsoil. The natural drainage allows the vines to develop deep roots. The wines are good quality offerings matured for three to nine months, 40 percent with oak.

The nose is expressive, refined and elegant, toasted and spicy and the wines offer good tannins and a fresh finish. They are classic Pauillac, 70 percent Cabernet and 30 percent Medoc.

Excellence, Baron de Rothschild declares, is at the heart of everything the estate produces. Since 1868, the estate’s offerings have been rooted, quite literally, in the soil of Bordeaux and a pioneering spirit that today, is in its fifth generation.

First created for family and friends, the wines, once known as the “Reserves,” are meant for every day consumption – classic offerings with “immediate charm.” They work well as value offerings on a wine by the glass list.

Bodegas Caro, Les Domaines Baron de Rothschild (Lafite)/Nicolas Catena

2013-01-20 17.20.47In 1868, a Frenchman, Jean Pouget, introduced Malbec to Argentina. The fruity grape took well to the Mendoza region with its hot sun and cool nights. “ARUMA” means “the night” in the language of Quechua,  the native Indians of the region. The name was chosen because it is the intensely dark nights of the Andes that, with the mountain air, give the wine the rich character of its terroir. And the wine reflects the intensity in its rich ripe fruit flavors along with the inkiness of the Andean night. Made from 100 percent Malbec, it is 14.5 percent alcohol, exuberant and velvety.