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The Spirit(s) World – Black Infusions’ Black Fig Vodka

Black Infusions introduces Black Fig Vodka, handcrafted and distilled from corn and infused naturally with California figs. It’s not you typical “flavored” vodka, but rather, rich and aromatic with notes of honey and suggestions of caramel, raisin and even nuts.
There’s a lot going on here and it’s all to the good for lovers of delicious spirits. A natural sweetness is there but it’s not cloying.
Mixologists will have fun finding ways to create exotic cocktails. Unlike a “figgy” pudding from Victorian England, it’s not heavy with figs but rather, a happy marriage of flavors.
This vodka, unlike the numerous clean, crisp varieties, is rich and buttery and has a full, satisfying mouthfeel. It’s enjoyable alone on the rocks or with club soda and a twist of lemon, but there are opportunities here for creative mixing. We’re eager to see what Black Infusions comes up with next!
P.S. You’ll want to call M.S. Walker for distribution.