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The Spirit(s) World – Camus Ile de Ré Cognac

For five generations, Camus has been known for its “aromatic finesse” in its cognacs. Ile de Ré is no exception. This Fine Island version comes from the westernmost region of Cognac where it is produced in an “extremely damp cellar” in lightly toasted oak barrels. The final product is light straw with golden tints. There are hints of the oak but also fruity, spicy notes. This Cognac goes well with seafood or with fish, and of course, is well worth sipping all by itself!

The Spirit(s) World – Léopold Gourmel Bio Attitude 100% certified

This Cognac from Léopold Gourmel is not your father’s Cognac! It’s “a taste for the authentic,” the winemaker declares, “to convince new amateurs.”
We tasted it at the Mascarielli Show Promotion in Boston this week.
Traditionally, Cognac is made with a variety of additives. Not this one, which is intended to be what the vintner calls “intelligent Cognac” with no additives at all, no pesticides used in its production or fertilizers or chemicals.There is no caramel, sugar or wood and it is aged in untoasted, extra-fine French oak casks which allow for oxidation and 20 percent new oak new oak to add tannins to the structure.
Traditional distillation is often neutral and dry but Bio Attitude is the reverse, a “fat distillation” that retains the aromas and yields a spirit which is aromatic, supple, rich and well structured.
Explaining the fresh and delicious beverage. Léopold Gourmel, who became the sole owner in 1972, sees his vision as one in which every step of the process is questioned and authenticity becomes a counter balance to “a fast culture,” as he creates a “fresher, cleaner, aromatic, pure and natural spirit.”