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Wine of the Week – Domaine De La Réserve D’ O 2012

Domaine De La Réserve D’O  comes from the Languedoc region of France where former wine shop owners Marie and Frederic Chauffray are producing beautiful wines with rich intensity. The 2012 received 92 points from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.The wine is aged in unlined concrete tanks  and is biodynamic and organic. The grapes are biodynamically farmed in the sub-region, which receives a Mistral wind  off the Mediterranean.
The grapevines are 30-plus years old and are certified organic. Cooler nights and hot sunny days help balance the acids and sugars in the grapes.

This wine is 14 percent ABV. It’s fruity, rich flavors and intensity make it a special wine for either every day drinking or celebratory occasions. Today, Terrasses du Larzac in the Langeudoc-Roussilon has been approved (since 2014) for appellation status. 20170317_151204.jpg

Wine of the Week -Légende Bordeaux 2014

The tagline for this Domaines Baron de Rothschild Bordeaux is “Légende, a little elegance for every day. They see the wine as ideal for sipping by the fire, for dinner with friends, and for every day enjoying.

This nicely balanced blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (60%) and Merlot (40%)  has its own elegance. It’s aged for nine months in vats, 40 percent with oak lending a well-rounded character with 12.5% ABV. It’s true to Bordeaux in its aromatic complexity yet ideal for every-day enjoyment. Ripe red and black fruit provide the aromas and you’ll pick up on toasty notes. Not every wine we drink has to be a rock star, and the pleasing elements of this Légende lend themselves to pairing with a pasta dish, barbecue, or even a well-made burger. With a retail price in the $15-$20 range, it’s the kind of wine that offers its own value to a wine by the glass list and the Rothschild origins promise quality. Don’t wait for a special occasion. Every day has its own reasons for celebration and this wine adds its own elegance to it.

Wine of the Week – Clos Venturi 2011 Red Wine

Wine of the Week – Clos Venturi 2011 Red, Domaine
Wines from Corsica are a rarity, for this wine drinker at least, so discovering the wines of Clos Venturi was an unexpected pleasure. Well known in Europe, they are still a rarity here.
This one has been characterized a “rough” and “fun” and both terms apply well. From one of Corsica’s oldest wineries, it’s a casual and charming sipper with its own earthy beauty – perfect with pastas or pizzas or by the glass, a blend of Niellucio/Sangiovese, nicely balanced with fruit flavors and spiciness.
None other than the esteemed Kermit Lynch calls Corsica “the most exciting wine region in France.” This wine tells the story of Ponte-Vecchia where it comes from well.