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The Spirit(s) World – Glenlivet 12 Year Old

The Glenlivet 12 Year Old Scotch is smooth yet somewhat fruit with notes of tropical fruit and rich, smooth character. We recently enjoyed it at a party at Tourneau in Boston’s Copley Place, where it, and other Glenlivet whiskeys, were a big hit.

The whiskey is aged in oak casks, including both European and American oak casks which rare traditionally seasoned with Bourbon. While the barrels enhance the final product, it’s the spring water, rich in minerals, that Glenlivet praises, noting that the water is from Josie’s Well, its unique water source. Pineapple, tropical fruits and floral notes abound. It’s a creamy, smooth whiskey with hints of almonds, marzipan and hazelnuts. Interestingly, while we don’t usual think of whiskey as an accompaniment to main courses, Glenlivet suggests serving it with seared scallops.Visit https://us.theglenlivet.com/the-glenlivet-12-year-old.