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What’s Brewin’ -Innis & Gunn Highlander Ale

Matured with oak chips, this Innis & Gunn Highlander Ale offers a smooth finish in a brew that is aged in 21-year-old Scotch barrels, The resulting limited edition Oak Aged Beer is 7.4 percent ABV and although it’s a Limited Edition, a tasty addition to your collection of brews! The company originally got into brewing in an interesting way when the Scotch brewer was approached by a whiskey distiller, seeking a custom beer to season its oak whiskey barrels.

The distillery workers, who sampled the beer when the barrels were emptied of it, loved it, and the Scottish brewery found a new path. This limited edition Highland Ale is matured with oak chips and is a coffee brown color with hints of vanilla, oak, and more – a strong English ale. If you like deep, rich flavored brews, you’ll quickly become a fan. Go to http://www.innisandgunn.com.