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The Spirit(s) World – Cocktails to kickoff a new year

What are you going to be sipping as we welcome a new year?

Black Fig® Martini

1 part Black Fig® Vodka
2 oarts Vodka
1 Blue Cheese olive (or orange wedge)
Shake with ice and pour into a Martini glass

Annnouncer Cocktail

3/4 oz. Combier Liqueur d’Orange
3/4 oz. brandy
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
Shake and serve in chilled coupe w. lemon peel

Pink Gin

3 dashes bitters
3 oz. Plymouth Gin

Add bitters to white wine glass and shake off excess after coating. Add the gin. Do not ice,


2 oz. Plymouth Gin
1 oz. Noilly Pratt Dry French Vermouth
2 dashes Reagan’s Orange Bitters
Stir, strain into coupe, garnish with lemon twist.
( The first written recipe of what we now consider the dry martini – from Thomas Stuart’s “Stuart’s Fancy Drinks and How to Mix Them” 1896